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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Traditional Craft & It's Role In Modern Interiors by Nisha JamVwal


The true splendor of the exquisite series of works have to be seen to be appreciated, mere description cannot do justice, to these richly luminous forms, the skill and time put in to create the works of art
The master craftsmen need to be nurtured and encouraged, it is hoped art lovers and collectors the world over, realize the true worth and work to keep this glorious tradition alive. 

 The skill of hand is far superior to the mechanized product representative of the present material age, quick-fix-fill-the-till methodology that robs the art of its uniqueness and of its very existence.


The craft of creating images and sculpture out of semi-precious stone - a traditional craft of aesthetic and cultural significance is unique art of Rajasthan. 

'About Me', Journey Of Nisha JamVwal

Interior designer with an eponymous Label of the same name,
columnist, Craft Activist ...


Nisha has worn several hats - interior architect, couturier, art consultant , craft activist and philanthropist. She has lived, studied and worked in Japan, California, France, Australia and is actively involved in the world of design in India.


More recently she diversified into Fashion as an experiment in her journey in design....
Every experiment in her life she avers, has been...."a step in my journey of growth and self-discovery, a kaleidoscopic part of life that enriches the fabric of my work & existence. "

A Little About Nisha JamVwal by Nisha JamVwal

About Nisha By Nisha

Professionally an interior Architect and a columnist , I diversified into Fashion.

I am not a person who has lived my life to any preformatted rules. I am a prolific designer- the quintessential aesthete who has expressed my creativity in multiple forms.