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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Traditional Craft & It's Role In Modern Interiors by Nisha JamVwal


The true splendor of the exquisite series of works have to be seen to be appreciated, mere description cannot do justice, to these richly luminous forms, the skill and time put in to create the works of art
The master craftsmen need to be nurtured and encouraged, it is hoped art lovers and collectors the world over, realize the true worth and work to keep this glorious tradition alive. 

 The skill of hand is far superior to the mechanized product representative of the present material age, quick-fix-fill-the-till methodology that robs the art of its uniqueness and of its very existence.


The craft of creating images and sculpture out of semi-precious stone - a traditional craft of aesthetic and cultural significance is unique art of Rajasthan. 

For todays collector and decorator it is a unique opportunity to acquire a piece of our heritage and culture to place in our interiors and own a valuable pulsating gem, crafted into a unique work of sculpture.
The genesis of this craft begins with the workmanship of stone sculpture, which was honed and refined over time, as the Indian sculptor extended his craft toward more refined and valuable materials such as gemstones and semi-precious quartzes and minerals. 


 The Bastar folk believe (in common with Darwin) that the ancestors of man were fish, birds and beasts, and in the beginning earth was only water.

When mounted upon tall platforms or bases, even a collection of these figures create an impactful installation of sculptural works in an interior. 

Mithila Painting 

During festivals and celebrations, women decorate their homes by drawing distinct patterns on the walls, ceilings and floors of their homes. This region has been exposed to many religious influences, thus Buddhist and tantric imprints on local motifs are visible. It was in the sixties, due to natural calamities, that the idea occurred to transpose the art onto paper, so that the paintings could be taken to other states and sold to gather Relief funds. Today the painting done on handmade paper and are used as dramatic art upon walls.

Leather Puppets Performance 

Oriented arts have prevailed in India for centuries — the Pabuji ki phad of Rajasthan, the scrolls that the patuas of Bengal move about with and the leather puppeteers of South India are a journey in enchantment. Wandering performers, the ‘picture-showmen’ of old, held their ‘shows’, where  crowds of village folk gathered to watch raptly as images .These  leather puppets  when mounted in acrylic sheets make dramatic semi translucent screens between rooms, door centres, even pony walls. It is indeed an extremely enchanting form of art that lends a fascination to an interior.

The Show Must Go On….

Each piece of craft is unique , created one of a kind, taking months or even several days to make.

And they are treasures indeed, for one can only count the days until which craftsmen will labour with their creations, in this fast paced mechanical technologically advancing era, we cannot predict how long we can fight to save the crafts of India from extinction. 

Written by Nisha JamVwal


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