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Thursday, November 20, 2008

'About Me', Journey Of Nisha JamVwal

Interior designer with an eponymous Label of the same name,
columnist, Craft Activist ...


Nisha has worn several hats - interior architect, couturier, art consultant , craft activist and philanthropist. She has lived, studied and worked in Japan, California, France, Australia and is actively involved in the world of design in India.


More recently she diversified into Fashion as an experiment in her journey in design....
Every experiment in her life she avers, has been...."a step in my journey of growth and self-discovery, a kaleidoscopic part of life that enriches the fabric of my work & existence. "

"Without these, life would be a meaningless transition from the womb to the tomb"

The NISHA JAMVWAL label has generated significant interest in a short span....

"Career and work have been a priority. Yet I work with a desire to bring issues to the forefront- with the peg of glamour, to help in whatever way I can to bring about some meaningful change in our society." says Nisha...
With this thought Nisha agreed to help and partner Khushii, the NGO in Bombay on their project 'India On Canvas'....
Nisha JamVwal, one minute is a society personna.....
.............and the next an unrelenting perfectionist professional, you never know what to expect from this edgy, prolific designer .......
Says Nisha of her 'art' and journey's-
"I drew and colored before I could write...... for me design , shapes, forms , have been attractive since I was three or maybe before even, I almost cannot see a space or fabric or canvas without my mind and vision clicking with ideas to enhance it to its aesthetic function in accordance with my vision. Sometimes there is an upsurge of ideas; I find it difficult to keep pace with my mind..............."
"Why must life compartmentalize itself into boxes. My art that has taken expression in in different media- interiors, writing, art, craft, pret and couture, designing brands and their entry into a competitive market"
Nisha has designed Residences, Airports, Beach Houses, Restaurants, Offices . ...

And diversified into fashion for the woman and man of our times...
Nisha & her work have been featured in leading interior magazines, papers and television chanels.
We also see her keeping her promise of using her brand & lending her committment to philanthropic causes.
Her couture and prĂȘt label, became a well known brand in India in a span of some months......
She has been noticed in the national fashion scene and overseas as well and is a spokesperson on design trends world over
Celebrities from the world of cinema and television, page three women ,as well as career achievers wear the Nisha Jamvwal Label.....
She is also distinguished for having named new collections innovatively .........
Sex With My Ex'
'India Phoenix'

'Page Three Woman of Substance'
'Pure Jeanius'
'Loving in the Sunshine'
'Kissing Underwater'
'I'm In Love Again'
all the collections did good business,
....so the flamboyance and drama is not without the necessary business acumen
She studied Art Criticism and Art History along with acquiring work experience in America, Paris, and Japan in the world of Design .

Nisha has consulted with Brands; Endorsed International Brands and also acted as Brand Advisor for reputable brands:
Carlsberg India




Brand Ambassador Diago (India): Single Malts & Baileys



Nisha also serves on the advisory board of VLCC, the beauty and slimming company

Her company has worked on residential projects & Film Set Design; Signage;Graphics; Art Consultancy for projects like Jaipore Airport Restaurant and Executive lounge.



A short list of some select works in her repertoire:

Interior Design & Execution Ms Lisa Ray ;DesignConsultancy :
Ms Zeenat Aman (film personality) ;
Interior Design&Implementation Arora Residence at Pedder Road ;
Interior and Product design: Ms. Kalra (Editor Elle Magazine);
Interior Design & Execution MrPremnath ;
Interior Design & Execution Member of Govt Singapore Mr ShabbirHasanwallah ;
Interior Design & Execution Ms Roopa Patel , British CouncilAs An Author
Interior Consultancy (honorary) Indian Navvy Ship INS DELHI

NISHA JAMVWAL As A Writer & Columnist

Nisha Is On the Advisory Board of BBC INTERIORS
Nisha Is On the Advisory Board of BREW Cinema;Art;Music
Nisha has been Fashion Editor for Salaam Mumbai .
She is currently engaged in writing Book on Lifestyle & Interior Design ;
As well as a coffee table book on Craft
Has been Guest Editor , Celebrity Issue, Perfect 10
Columnist for Femina
Art Columnist for Indian Express
Interior Design Columnist for Mid-Day (eight years)
Lifestyle Columnist Femina Interiors
Lifestyle Columnist Marwaar
Columnist 'Brunch' , Hindustan Times
Writer Indian Design & Interiors
Writer Inside Outside
Indian Editor East (Singapore)
Columnist Liquid
Amongst the newspapers and magazines she has written for are:

TheTimes of India, The Indian Express , Sunday Mid Day Newspaper, Deccan Chronicle Newspaper and Asian Age.

These papers & Magazines have featured her work as well .
(http://cities.expressindia.com/fullstory.php?newsid=102380 )
A Compere & Television Host
Nisha has hosted television talks and done interviews forTVchannels like Star & Zee TV.
Nisha Hosted 'Home Shanti Home' on Star One, 36 Episodes
Nisha Also Hosted 'Meri Seheli' on Star TV , 14 episodes
And she has been a guest speaker at various women's and service oraganizations.
Spearheading the Bombay Chapter of NGO Khushi,
of which she is a Patron, Khushi made a mark when she partnered in requesting celebrities like VIjay Mallaya, Parmeshwar Godrej and Milind Deora to paint (http://portal.bsnl.in/entertainment.asp?intNewsId=93835&disstyle=block&daysbefore=2)
along with famous artists.
Paramparik Karigar Crafts Organization under Roshan Kalapesi.
BD Somani School Of Design as Advisory Board Member
Garodia School Of Design , Advisory Board Member
Tatwam School Of Design, Advisory Board Member
VLCC Beauty School
Educational backround :
BAA Brooks Institute of Design California
Award received 'Best Student of the Programme'
American Women In Architecture 1st position & Scholarship
Best student Drafting
Best student creative Design
Best Student 3 D Model
Best Student Color & Perspective
B.A. (English Hons),
The Hindu College , English Honors, 1st Division. http://www.hinducollege.org/
Elected to the Student Council (First Female for the post)
Member of UNESCO Club (Indian National Commission for Co-operation withUNESCO, Government of India).
Member of the National Service Scheme as Vice President
Member of the Rotaract Club, Delhi University
Won the Leadership Award By the LTS at Loreto Convent


Anonymous said...

You are indeed a multitasker
and successfully so
fantastic span of creativity and that to for one so young

Kris said...

Great design, fashion and interior