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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Bombay Times Anniversary Special- Romantic Touches By Nisha JamVwal

17 ways to make your bedroom more romantic
Private Sanctuary

Making your bedroom into a cave like cosseted private sanctuary is treating yourself to intimate moments of recharging your tired batteries in an atmosphere of romance, comfort, passion and that inimitable feeling of being loved and protected. That main special bedroom can then become that escape retreat where you would unwind from a rushed , traffic angst day. 

Sometimes when one visits apartments one observes that living rooms, are highly embellished and well maintained. Yet when curiosity aroused- one walks into the BEDROOM, it is  a study in contrasts!

This is perhaps the most important space in  the house & where you might spend the maximum time sleeping at night or even sometimes lounging in the day.

A little creativity and some ingenuity, and Voila - a small space translates into a coffee- table book example of dazzling style. 


The most important accoutrement in a bedroom is OFCOURSE a large king size beds or show stopper four poster antique bed is  grand and luxurious, but with an eighteen inch mattress that allows you to sink into the soothing relief of unwinding away from cares is a luxury that nearly permeates the subconscious. 


Dramatic shapes for bed-heads, -artistic, novel, creative, extraordinary, transform this high-utility area into a statement of style and decor ! Make it oversize to add panache, and upholster it for a look of luxury or if you are a person  who reads while lying create padded headboards. Give the frame a vibrant coat of daring color, just let your imagination play, this is one place that has to please only you!


Adding furniture usually considered living room pieces automatically upscales the importance of the master bedroom creating that feeling of an oasis. 


A light armchair, an under- the- bed upholstered seater on castors that can be pulled out, a lazy boy, an interesting ottoman, a dramatic Jacobean day-bed , sofas, rocking chairs, or matching overstuffed loveseats prop this room up to have an elegant lounge within, furnished luxuriously like a private haven.  —An inviting ambiance for an intimate tete-a tete with a spouse or even a sitting room like private space where one typically calls in a friend for tea or a movie.


A bay window or a cantilevered slab of stone out of the window using brackets beneath creates an additional window seat or a box window where you could spend some time ruminating or even reading a book, and this enlarges the space visually and literally along with adding to the elegance of the room. Incase this is not possible a languid lounge chair with a floor lamp and nearby tea table makes for a perfect Reading recess.


An intimate bistro table, set with two chairs, invites private conversations, is great for breakfast and just incase there is no space for a desk this is an interesting solution especially since very few people enjoy sitting in a regimented manner against a desk and working. That morning cup of tea with the newspaper propped on the table when I do not necessarily want to face the entire house early in the morning is a pleasure for me since I included it into mine! When one cannot have a complete round table in the room I also use a semi circular table against a wall.


Dressing tables,  accessorized with crystal and porcelain obsolete in the living room today add romance and  bed trays suggest the chance of luxurious breakfast in bed, while soft lighting, candles, essential oils in a diffuser effectively complete the d├ęcor .

Art Gallery

Surround yourself with photos of people and places that conjure happy memories, things that bring joy to you, take you into a space of relaxing medative states, favorite artwork and meaningful mementos where you can contemplate and daydream. 

Colors for your sanctuary
Good colors for private sanctuaries include dark folliage Greens, deep blues, Pinks, sky blues, sea greens and aubergine. Darker colors juxtaposed with light nature colors create a sanctuary like relaxation and assist in unwinding and sleep. 

The Study
Within the bedroom installing a vintage roll top writing desk accompanied by a comfortable chair, induces journal and letter writing. 

Mini Bar

A small refrigerator will make you feel as if you can enjoy your time in the bedroom without interruption, and a television offers the opportunity to watch your favorite movies and shows. Room-darkening window coverings also encourage deep sleep and aid in the restoration of your soul. 

Petit Living Room in Bedroom

Bedrooms can truly become living rooms when they're furnished luxuriously -- like a private suite. Adding furniture usually considered living room pieces automatically upscales the importance of your bedroom. Chic chandeliers atop , fuscia sofas,  crystal coffee table or matching overstuffed chairs help create the feeling of an oasis.

Maximize space, De Clutter and Dream

 In “bursting at the seams” cities with small claustrophobic box like bedrooms, space saving , creativity and some ingenuity - Voila - a small space translates into a sanctuary to contemplate and daydream. 

Locate mirrors in unusual places, such as the tops of dressers or side tables, to reflect dancing candle light. Tropical plants and trees, uplit with special lights, cast exciting shadows. 


The master bedroom of retreat and relaxation is where everything must be close at hand, easy to access – neither cramped nor allowing a waste of space. Push-in pop-open cabinets that hold everything from CD’s to tools to shoes cut clutter and maintain order.   


Fashionable shelving with good organizers and smart chunky drawers are important to hide the necessities, mail, stationary, mobile phones, and their bulky chargers in utilitarian racks, rustic baskets, and olden day medicine chests with multifarious compartments that can be pulled out for easy access. 

The bedroom is the most personal of all the rooms in our home

Only you can decide which room works best as the main bedroom setting for you comfort and cossetting. But to revamp this room and make it more comforting and welcoming is actually creating for a better and more happy life on the whole!

Printed In Bombay Times
Anniversary Special
Times Of India
By Nisha JamVwal
Blog Courtsey Bombay Times
Times Of India


Francesca said...

We love India, we lived in New Delhi for 5 years! Greetings from Rome, Italy!

Nisha JamVwal Design said...

Thank you Francesca, did you like Indian Interiors in particular? and If so what particularly did you like?

shiv said...

If you want to add romance in breakfast, have a sinking in sofa chair where the couple should snug into and eat together. I would say, the lady sits in the lap and have the breakfast together.
Same goes for the TV room. Bar stools to have evening drink or bar stools in the balcony keep the two close enough to be passionate and romantic.
when its individual fun, then nothing like a comfy rocking chair for a cup of tea or coffee. Sometimes I feel like having only those comfy rocking chairs in the drawing room or may the sit out instead of normal sofa seat or chairs.