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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Eco Friendly Interiors By Nisha JamVwal

It's Passé to be insensitive to our environment, to brandish Toosh & crocodile skins as a fashion statement, today's trend setters scoff at people who find it humorous to hood wink rules that protect animals & our environment & it is considered sassy, sexy & smart to be sensitive, caring & kind to our Earth and the animals that have been sidelined so arrogantly by Man who usurps forests & kills for fashion and comfort. So lets be trendy with consideration & care toward our MOTHER EARTH???

1.      The trend is Green, Eco Friendly,  recycled products and design, it is passé to use skins and woods of endangered tree species. People internationally balk at our man's insensitivity.
       So here's the trend list of whats in & hot now

2.       A mix of timeless ancient style intertwined with Contemporary

   It is outdated to do a Spartan minimalist look/

3.      Benches instead of Dining chairs are very much in
4.      Chandeliers, ostler, morano , opulent dramatic light diffusing glow infusing chandeliers that give a space panache and drama where the furniture is minimal is a shot in the arm and very ‘NOW’
5.      Plenty of color unlike grandfather’s beige or maroon and navvy palette. So that the trend right now is of fuscia, aubergine, teal and deep saturated colours.

6.      Layered drapes with block out blinds and organza’s to give a cool look to a residence.

7.      Water bodies with tiny garden like additions to the water fall. Its not only therapeutic but also the sound and look is soothing.

8.      Less and less are people going with the old fashioned Italian Marble, it is more an age for stone in their rough textures that give a very chic grounded look to a space.

9.      Breakfast tables and a seating in the bedroom. No longer is the bedroom where you only slept, it is now a multitasking lounge.

1    Libraries are coming back in vogue, more and more clients ask me to incorporate Libraries into their homes. I Pads and galaxy Pad’s might rule but they are conversely making books more precious and people want to flaunt their collections and also hang out in a library room and read.
             Nisha JamVwal


Ruchi Shrimali said...

That was a wonderful and quite informative article...thanks, Nisha! Got some good tips ;)

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