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Wednesday, July 3, 2013


Each experiment and every vignette in my life has been a step in my journey of growth and self-discovery, a kaleidoscopic part of life that enriches the fabric of my existence. Without these, life would be a meaningless transition from the womb to the tomb. When I consented to aid the cause of Street Children in Bombay , little did I imagine that that it too would be an important part of my journey of self-discovery and learning! Looking back at the last few months, I have learnt so much from my association with, and work for our country – learning about giving, learning about sharing, learning about being part of an ‘organism’ larger than my own personal goals and ambition. India On Canvas has been a catalyst for this and more. I realize that to be part of making India into the ‘superstar in the world’ scenario, one must stop denigrating politicians and instead become part of, if possible a motivator of, the growth and metamorphosis of this country. ‘Doing our bit for our motherland’, ‘giving back to the society one takes from’ - these are not lofty sound bites to impress; they are a reality that has intertwined itself into the fabric of my life, in some ways since I was a teenager, but even more so in the last few years. It started in a small way with my work to aid the traditional craftspersons of India , and have received focus and thrust with India On Canvas.

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