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Thursday, March 31, 2011


When one visits apartments in Mumbai, one observes that living rooms, are highly embellished and well maintained. 

Yet when curiosity aroused- one walks into the BEDROOM, it is  a study in contrasts!

Poor planning & complete lack of imagination , even disregard to aesthetics is often displayed in what is perhaps the most important space in  the house & where you might spend the maximum time sleeping at night or even sometimes lounging in the day.

– Compared to the “show-piece” that the living room is , the bed-room gets “under-garment” treatment!!
But then in that same analogy, that is the most important revelation in attire, and must be beautiful?

I have spent time often, envisaging ways to overcome the challenge of limited space in the bedroom and am happy to share the solutions I have found successful in the various interiors that I have had a chance to execute. 

In this “bursting at the seams” city and it`s small claustrophobic spaces, dark passages, box like bedrooms and tiny bathrooms it is an understandable predicament –but not an irredeemable one!   

A little creativity and some ingenuity, and Voila - a small space translates into a coffee- table book example of dazzling style. 

Watch this space for some bedroom tips...............

As appeared in my Femina Interior Column
Nisha JamVwal


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MuMuGB said...

What a lovely column Nisha! I can't wait to read more. Very wise advice and well done for explaining that it takes a long time to build a relationship!