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Sunday, April 24, 2011



Nothing looks worse than open shoe racks. I rather like an antique cabinet to enhance a foyer which also holds keys and shoes, and so not have any paraphernalia visible. 

Should the space be limited, carve out a cavity into the wall - about three feet wide and eighteen inches deep - by the entry, eating a small slice into the room that lies on the other side – its a shoe console with mirror above. I cannot say enough about the expanse and sense of mystique a mirror adds to a drab foyer. 

The foyer sets the tone for the entire house, what is it they say about first impressions? If you already have a roomy lobby then you can add some curule chairs for a whimsy and visitors who you might not want to entertain intimately. 

Every nook must be attended to, commodious chests beautifully painted, even if it is with just bright emulsion. 

Just remember to detach and do away with those unsightly castaways which seem to find their way into corners, passages, foyers, believe me you will not require it 'one day'. Use the “twenty thousand a square foot” precious space so vacated, it’s the quaint corners that add the surprise element. 


In magic there's the notion of illusion and surprise, something springs forward without warning, and so you are left wondering about the possibilities. 

At Aziz Akhtar Mirza's house (of Raju Ban Gaya Gentleman fame) we had a spritzy seating in the loft with a colorful ladder leading up, and a floor mattress. 

Their maid loves this as a retreat away from the busy house and it adds that surprise element vis-a-vis appearance. 

I had orchestrated a similar treatment at Lisa Rays house but instead of a maid's refuge we had lined the walls with shelves, placed books and bolsters to lounge, in what we called the 'Library Machaan'.

Nisha JamVwal


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Nice blog Nisha wow..

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wonderful, pure glamour.Would love to know more about bohemian decor meets vintage classic.